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As the Chief Academic Officer, you are able to kick off the Assignments process, set Assignments timelines, manage Departmental Mappings and update deadlines. 


Tempo Menu:

The tempo menu (pictured below) is the main menu of Archivum. It is located at the top left of your screen and remains present regardless of the page you are on. 

Click image to enlarge

  • News – provides updates of user activities 
  • Tasks – provides links to tasks that have been assigned to you and are ready to be completed
  • Reports – provides a list of apps; throughout this process, you will use the Graduate Admissions Dashboard which contains a collection of data pulled from different areas of the Graduate Admissions application
  • Action – provides a list of actions that you can use (in this process you will be using Manage Program Preferences)

You will mainly be using the Tasks tab (underlined in the picture above) to work on the tasks assigned to you.


Kicking Off Assignments

1. Select Actions

2. Select Kick Off Assignments and Evaluations

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The next screen will allow you to set budget entity preferences, such as the Assignments deadlines, USF location, and kick off. 

3. Select the Budget Entity (seen below)

4. Set an Evaluation Deadline (seen below)

5. Choose the Kick Off Assignments action (seen below)


Click image to enlarge


    • Set Annual Assignments & Evaluations Timelines

  1. Select Budget Entity
  2. Select Action --> Kick Off Assignments
  3. Enter Assignment Deadline


    • Departments 

      1. Review the listed departments for accuracy

      Do you need to update Departmental Mappings?
      Kicking Off Evaluations (Chief Academic Officer/Liaison)

      Managing Department Mappings

       Click here to expand...
      1. Select Actions, located on the top of the screen
      2. Click the Manage Department Mappings action (highlighted below)

        Click image to enlarge
      3. Click the Add Department link (highlighted below) at the bottom of the page

        Click image to enlarge
      4. Enter the Department ID (highlighted above) in the far left text box
      5. Enter the name of the Department Chair under the Department Chair column (highlighted above)
      6. Select a Department Location (highlighted above) from the drop down on the right
      7. Click the Save and Close button

      Use the red ‘x’ on the far right to remove a department mapping from the list


      2. Click Submit.  A smaller window will appear asking you if you want to commit to changes. 


Click image to enlarge

3. Click Yes, Kickoff

Updating Assignments


  1. Select Actions, located on the top of the screen
  2. Click the Kick Off Assignments and Evaluations action
  3. Select the Budget Entity (seen below)
  4. Choose Update Assignment Deadline or Update Evaluations Deadline (seen below)


 If A & E process is already active, CAO will only see an Update Deadline option. Updating will send out notifications to all entities involved in the process (supervisors, for example)


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