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Editor Interface

Within the Sitecore Experience Platform, you will see the USF Health home page in the middle of the screen. The content on this page may change and look different as edits are made to the USF Health website. Each USF Health web page is built with the use of editable and non-editable components. Components are the building blocks of the webpages and allow an editor to add columns, text, photos, videos and more! How to edit and/or create components will be covered in the upcoming section of Edit Your Pages.

Navigation Bar

At the top of the page will be a navigation bar. First time users of the system may have an untoggled navigation bar as seen below. To access the functions within this bar, click the top arrow at the far right of the screen until it opens.


Once untoggled, the navigation bar will appear similar to image below. Click the Home icon to see these options.

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