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As a Faculty member, you have the ability to affirm the assignment or send it back to the Supervisor for further review. 


If you have received an email notification, click the link in the email to your Archivum account, or sign in to Archivum and proceed with the instructions below. 

  1. Click Tasks
  2. In the Tasks view, click the Affirm Assignment for the fa task

    Click to enlarge

  3. Click Affirm Assignment. Or, if sending back to Supervisor, click Send Back to Supervisor.
    Note: You must fill in the comment field if sending the assignment back to the Supervisor

    Click to enlarge

  4. Click Submit

To view current assignments, go to the Faculty Record. For instructions on how to find your Faculty Record, click here.


Affirm Assignments and Self-Evaluation



You will have 7 days to affirm your assignment before the task disappears. To view the exact date that your affirm assignments task will disappear, hover over the alarm clock icon (highlighted below) and a dialogue box will appear with the date of expiration.


If your affirm assignments task expires, please follow the directions for Self Evaluation below.

  1. Click the Tasks tab
  2. Click the Affirm Assignment for Evaluations task
  3. Choose Affirm Assignment or Send Back to Supervisor (shown below)

    Click image to enlarge
  4. Add a comment if needed


    A comment is required if you choose Send Back to Supervisor (highlighted above).

  5. Click the Submit button
  6. Click box to indicate agreement with Integrity Statement (highlighted below)

    Click image to enlarge
  7. Click Sign Integrity Statement (highlighted above)
  8. Fill out the following for each section
    1. Rating - optional (shown below)
    2. Narrative - required (shown below)

      Click image to enlarge
    3. Click the Submit button


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