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As a technical team member, you will be a key resource for helping to map out the cost and time estimates for the distinct options. Using the high-level requirements, you should be prepared to estimate the number of weeks/months/quarters that will be required for technical resources to complete the implementation of an option, and what percentage of the technical team member's time will be allocated for that duration.

In addition to estimating the initial implementation time, you should also help the team determine how many resources and/or how much time will be needed to maintain the new system in the years after the initial setup. Consider whether the technical team will be able to absorb the support for this system/project/hardware without additional people. If not, how will the solution be maintained? You can consider the feasibility of consulting/outsourcing or hiring someone internally. 

Depending on your technical expertise, you may also 

All of these estimates will go into the TCO Estimator to determine the costs (internal and external) for each solution option.