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There are two ways you can find your pages:


  1. Type in the page you are looking for in the URL. 

  2. Make sure the navigation bar is open and use the arrow as seen below to select the page you want to go to. Continue to click the arrow until you've reached the page you'd like to edit and then click GO.


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    titleTroubleshooting Tip

    If you've used the second method to find your page but are unable to see the entire list of page options, you may need to zoom out of the browser. Pressing Ctrl and - will allow you to zoom out and pressing Ctrl and + will allow you to zoom back in.



Next: Navigation to Edit Your Pages

titleIn this Guide:

I. Welcome to Sitecore Editing (Home)

II. Sitecore Interface Overview 

III. Sitecore Editing How Tos

a. How to Login

b. How to Find your Pages

c. Navigation to Edit your Pages

titleClick to expand

 i. Basic Text Changes

ii. Image Updates and Changes

iii. How to manage PDFs

iv. How to manage hyperlinks

d. How to Submit Changes

IV. Sitecore Troubleshooting

titleClick to Expand

 i. Locating your Page

ii. Lost in interface

iii. Out of Interface

iv. Media Library Management

V. Sitecore Contributor Next Steps

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 i. Who Can I Contact for Help?

ii. I need to become an Author

iii. Should this be a Service Desk Request?

VI. Sitecore Editing Best Practices