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The ability to successfully edit pages as a Contributor on Sitecore hinges on understanding the interface and where to go in order to edit successfully.

Let's discuss the parts that you will interact with.


Sitecore Experience Platform


This area is the opening screen after logging into Sitecore. 



From here you can activate the Experience Editor. 

The Experience Editor is the best method to edit your page. This editor lets you view your page and edit it as close to real time as possible.

NOTE: Avoid editing in the Content Editor


Most users will be directed to their home page of the site they have access to.  However some users will arrive on the portal page.When those users click on the Experience Editor, they will see a page which will cover 'hot' links to Sitecore sites. Clicking on one of these links will take the user to the homepage of that site.


First time users of the system will have an untoggled opening screen.  That would appear like this:


To access the functions in this bar click the arrow at the far right of the screen:  


If the sites you need are not listed in the 'hot' links directory, the Navigation Bar can be used to find the pages that need to be edited. The bar links to a directory of all of the pages that your login gives you access to edit. This bar must be checked 'on' to use. 

It is located under View in the main menu options.



When inside of the editor, there are specific locations and components that will not allow edits based on the permissions given to a contributor. 


Clicking on this space to edit will produce a selection box similar to this:


If this space is not one a contributor has permission to edit, selecting the edit option will cause the following message to appear:


NOTE: If any edits need to occur in these spaces, it is recommended that a Footprints ticket be submitted for the change.



The Rich Text Editor is the area that allows you to edit aspects of a page. It has a similar format to commonly used word processors, web and text editors. The Rich Text Editor features a tool bar that will make it possible to edit text, images and other content on the web page. It can be accessed by clicking within the space that needs editing.


To take advantage of all of the tools available in the Editor, select the first icon in the Rich Text Content box, and the full Editor will open:


Icon to open Rich Text Editor



Icon Function Chart


Basic Paragraph Functions

Create Sitecore Links

Hyperlink Manager

Remove Hyperlinks


Create Bulleted List


Create Numbered List


Insert Table


Image Float Left


Image Float Center


Image Float Right



Insert Sitecore Media
(Media Library Access)


Add New Button


Shortcut Helper




The Media Library carries all images, files and other outside elements that may need to be added to a web page.  This window allows the Contributor to use images already in the library or add in additional ones.  This is also accessible when creating new hyperlinks to PDFs and other files that need to be accessed from the web page.


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