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Closing old encounters without documentation

The suggested language (legal reviewing) for a progress note is "“Patient was seen in our facility, but “Evidence within the EHR suggests the patient arrived for an appointment, however no documentation exists to indicate services provided”   were provided”

Use LOS =99999"99999 No Charge" and diagnosis "Diagnosis Unknown".

Closing encounters for dates of service greater than 60 days, will cause a HUGE back up in RCO with timely filing edits, unless the LOS is designated as 99999.


PIO - Legal & Compliance approval - Robert Pelaia & Jamie Sotelo 20172018-0610-2317


See documentation policy for additional information.


If the encounter is closed, but needs to be assigned to a different cosigner, see Assign a different cosigner for a visit

Do not change the billing provider to a current USF physician when using any LOS other than 99999. Doing so would result in a fraudulent claim.


PIO - Jamie Sotelo 2017-06-23


See documentation policy for additional information.


If the wrong person or provider is listed as the cosigner, send a request to with the MRN, DOS, the person currently listed as the cosigner, and to whom the cosign should be reassigned. If the listed cosigner is a provider who has since left the organization, see Closing encounters for providers no longer with USF.



When closing old encounters where the visit diagnosis isn't known, use "ERRONEOUS ENCOUNTER--DISREGARDDiagnosis Unknown".

Level of Service (LOS)

When closing old encounters, use "No Charge", which corresponds to code 99999. Not required if charges entered in Charge Capture


Not required if LOS entered for encounter. Make sure to select the "No Filter" option to display charges entered more than 7 days ago.Box


Why does the Box report show a different number of encounters than the provider's "My Open Charts" In Basket folder?

There are a few reasons why you may see a different number of open encounters in "My Open Charts" in In Basket and the Box report:

  • The Box report only includes encounters open more than 5 days.
  • Encounters requiring cosigns are included on the Box report, but don't show in My Open Charts. Encounters requiring cosigns should show in the Chart Cosign In Basket folder.
  • “Appointment” visits that have no charting on them yet. If a patient is checked in and nobody charts on them, they won’t show up in the In Basket (we’ve tried to change this but can’t—it’s just how Epic works). To find Appointment encounters, the provider either needs to look back thru their schedule or work from the report shared in Box (some departments slice the report by provider and email or print).