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Welcome to Sitecore Contributor training! We welcome and thank you, our Beta Testers, for your dedication to maintaining a high standard of content control within the USF Health web space.

Introduction to Sitecore

Sitecore is a robust and simple online editor that makes complex web development and editing a lot less complicated. Sitecore is a solution developed by the Digital Innovations team in order to place the power of site maintenance in the hands of those who desire site maintenance to be instant and achievable at an in-house level. Much like other popular user friendly web based editors such as WIX and Word Press the Sitecore team devised an interface that gives the power to make dynamic changes to online spaces to people who are not career web developers.

This interface allows Contributors to edit existing web pages by enabling real time editors to make changes with basic text including headers bylines and extended content. Users can edit and replace images, alter hyperlink, PDFs and common news thread items. Through the use of components areas can be redefined and redesigned. This includes the ability to make use of templated online forms, slideshows, directories and RSS feeds.

Overall through the Contributor certification program, Sitecore provides ease of use and user autonomy that usually is not an attribute for sites the scale of the collective of USF Health sites.

Let's discuss the responsibility inherent in being a contributor.

What is a Contributor?

A Sitecore contributor has access to the forward facing pages of his/her department web space in Sitecore for the purpose of editing content when needed. The content that can be edited is contained within the main web page space and does not include such areas as wider web navigation areas or overarching site styles and guidelines. This will still remain in the domain of the DI's Sitecore team.

When certified as a Contributor basic edits become the responsibility of the editor. All edits made under the Contributor profile should be made by the person who has been certified to edit within the interface.  It is requested that Contributors do not allow others to edit under their profile as they will solely be liable for any issues that may result from site editing. Contributors are also asked to develop a 'no harm' ideology and practice when site editing and seek to at all times preserve the complexities of the existing site. 

Contributors have access to an abundance of editing and page layout tools. If any advanced editing or specialty coded features need changes it is recommended that the contributor make a Service Desk Request and defer to the Sitecore team for these edits to preserve the functionality of the overall site and specific pages within the site.

Becoming a Contributor

If you need to become a Sitecore contributor first make sure to speak with your immediate supervisor regarding licenses. The next step is to submit an Account Modification Request through the Service Desk under Account Management. You will be contacted in regards to next steps.

If approved for training you will receive an email with the Pre-Training Survey and the next available training session date and time. After taking the training session the user will be asked to complete a Certification Test. If this is passed the user will be given Contributor access to edit live Sitecore websites.

Pathways to Being an Author

The basic difference between a Contributor and an Author is the authority to publish. When author status is given, the contributor will be able to publish directly without the need to be approved. This means changes will be made live immediately on the existing web pages in the web space.

All potential Authors must begin with Contributor training. After consulting with the Sitecore team and passing a predetermined grace period, Author status can be given.

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