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USF Health users with report permissions in Health Learn can verify that staff, faculty and students have taken the required compliance modules in USF Health Learn. Below explains the ways to view what modules users have taken.

The following topics are covered:

View Activity Completion Reports

The USF Health Professional Integrity & Compliance, USF Required Training, and Role-Based Training courses contain modules and activities that many people at USF Health are required to complete every fiscal year. The courses and reports for the current fiscal year can be found in the USF Health Training course category, whereas the courses and reports for past fiscal years can be found in the USF Health Training Archived Courses category. Follow the steps below to view reports for the current or past fiscal years.

  1. Click the following link to go to USF Health Learn:
  2. Log onto Health Learn with your USF Health account Username and Password.
    The Learn Home page should open.
  3. Determine if you need to view reports for the current fiscal year or past fiscal years.
    1. To view reports for the current fiscal year, click on USF Health Training in the Course Categories menu.  See figure 1 below.

      Figure 1: The USF Health Training course category. Click image to enlarge.

    2. To view reports for past fiscal years, click on USF Health Training Archived Courses in the Course Categories menu.  See figure 2 below.

      Figure 2: The USF Health Training Archived Courses course category.

  4. Click the course for which you need to check the completion reports. Most required training modules exist in the following courses: See Figure 3 below.
    • Professional Integrity & Compliance
    • USF Required Training
    • Role-based Training

    Figure 3: Current USF Health Training courses. Click image to enlarge.

  5. Click the Enroll Me button if you are not already enrolled in the course. See Figure 4 below.
    Otherwise, continue to step 6.

    Figure 4: The Enroll Me button.

  6. Click Reports in the in the Administration block on the left side of the page. See Figure 5 below.
    This will expand the Reports menu to reveal more options.

    Figure 6: Reports option in the Administration block. Click image to enlarge.

  7. Click the Activity Completion report option. See figure 7 below.
    This will open the Activity completion page with the list of students in the course.

    Figure 7: Activity completion option. Click image to enlarge.

  8. Filter  to view users by First or Last name.
  9. Hover over the check box next to the corresponding name to see the date and time that a module was completed. See figure 8 below.

    Figure 8: Activity completion details. Click image to enlarge.


    The Activity completion report can also be downloaded as an Excel compatible file.

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View Health LEARN User Reports in HART

  Please use the following link to find directions on looking up Learn user and department reports in HART.

View USF Health LEARN Reports in HART

Hart Access


Please note, you must have HART access to pull these reports. To obtain Hart access to run reports submit a Modify Permission request request for access.




Please contact USF Health IS at Live Chat, 974-6288 option 2, or if you have any questions or issues viewing LEARN reports.

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