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Congratulations to the recently hired USF Physician's Group employees. USF Health Information Systems is pleased to welcome you to University of South Florida Health as part of our Physician's Group.

Below is how to contact USF Health Information Systems for technical support and a list of things you will need before you can work.

Contacting USF Health Information Systems

Physical Location: We are located in the Medical Faculty Office Building that faces The Morsani Clinical Building at 13220 USF Laurel Drive Tampa, Fl 33612. We are on the 2nd floor.

Live Chat: If you have computer service available the fastest way to get assistance is to go to the Health IS web page and click "Chat"

Submit a Ticket: You can also submit a ticket if you have computer service by going to the Health IS web page and clicking "Submit a Ticket"

Phone: If you do not have computer service or just want to speak to someone, you can call us at 813-974-6288 option 2.

Getting Started

This quick guide will provide you with instructions for creating your USF Health account.

Creating a USF Health Account

  1. Open your web browser and go to url:
    The USF Health Information Services home page will open. See Figure 1.

    Figure 1: USF Health Information Services home page, Get Started link. (Click image to enlarge)

  2. Click on Get Started.
    From this page you can do the following
    1. Request a New Account
    2. Request initial technology configuration for your computer devices
    3. Learn how to stay safe online
    4. Get technical assistance
    5. Learn about campus Technology Resources

For instructions on filling out the new account request, click your role below:


Onboarding Students - Students

Onboarding Staff - USF/UMSA Staff

Onboarding Faculty & Researchers - USF Health Department and Entities (UMSA, MSSC) Faculty and Staff New Account Request (USF, UMSA or MSSC)

Onboarding Partners - Non Health Courtsey or Partner Accounts


It takes approximately 20 minutes for the application to update and sync with all your information and you will not be able to access any application until it's finished. In the meantime please familiarize yourself with navigating the Health IS webpage.

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Navigating the Health IS Web Page

You can reach the Health IS web page at Here you can find information regarding your technology needs as well as navigate to important/useful sites.The Health IS Featured Articles and Scheduled/Current System Outages are also located at the bottom of the main page. See Figure 2.

Figure 2: Health IS web page

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Getting Started

Here you can get instructions on how to obtain your USF ID card, request a Health account, learn about the required online training, request clinical systems access, request your new computer to be set up, and learn about our technology services. See Figure 3.

Figure 3: Getting Started

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Common Resources

This tab will have links to Software & Tools, Downloadable Forms, How to Guides and Standards & Procedures. You can find the EPIC/GE forms, how to obtain access to Epic/GE, the link to webmail, and the link to our Knowledge Base.  

See Figure 4.

Figure 4: Common Resources

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Safe Computing

Safe Computing has tips for keeping your office and home computer safe, free from viruses, and any new viruses in the news. See Figure 5.

Figure 5: Safe Computing.

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Our Services

This tab contains our Application Portfolio and our Service Catalog. The Application portfolio are links to the applications as well as a brief explanation of the application. The Service catalog explains our services offered. See Figure 6 and 7.


Figure 6: Application Portfolio

Figure 7: Service Catalog

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About US

This tab contains Facilities and Directions. Facilities contains Computer Lab information, IS Service locations and WiFi information. Directions contains our address and phone numbers as well as a map of our location.  See Figure 8 and 9.

Figure 8: Facilities

Figure 9: Directions



Health IS Technology Blog 

This tab contains our Technology Blog which provides software release information, customer service focused articles and information on social media applications and best practices. The Search USF Health IS Blog feature, Archives, and IS Alerts allows you to search by topic, archived dates and featured topics relevant to Health IS Services.  See Figure 10.

Figure 10:Technology Blog                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

How Can we Help?

This is called the right navigation of the page and it contains the Submit a Support Request, where you request non emergency technical requests, Chat where you can immediately connect and chat with a technician where the technician can remote into your desktop and resolve issues immediately. Register for Training where you request classroom training. Manage your Account and Request which is where you can reset your password, request a new account and request modifications to your own or other accounts. Update your Account Information which contains the link to authorized signer training, checking your service request status and updating your personal information. See Figure 11.

Figure 11: How can we help?


On the right under How we can Help you will see the current system outages or Issues we are having and when they are resolved. See Figure 12.

Figure 12: Current System Outages

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Required Online Training

Accessing LEARN

You can access the online training application by clicking on Common Resources, then scrolling down to the How to Guides and clicking on How do I access LEARN? You can open a web browser and type in the URL:

Your health account should work now and you can use it to sign into LEARN. If it still does not work you can create a web account by clicking the Don't have a USF Health account? Create a web account link on the bottom left of the LEARN web page. Find directions for creating a web account at "Create a Web Account and access LEARN"

The main page should open up. If the page asking for information opens, your account is not quite ready and you will need to create a web account using the same external email address you used to create your Health account. This will allow them to merge the training you take once the Health account is finished syncing. 


Enrolling in the Courses

1)  Click the word Home in the left navigation.

2)  Click USF Health TrainingSee Figure 13.

Figure 13: USF Health Training.


  • You will see the four courses that contain the required online training. USF Health Professional Integrity & Compliance, USF Required Training, Role-based Training, and USFPG Safety Training. Each new hire must enroll for all four courses.  See Figure 14. 


Figure 14: Required Training.


3)  Click the USF Health Professional Integrity & Compliance course.

4)  Click Enroll Me at bottom of the page.  It will launch you into the module

5)  Click the USF Health Training again, and repeat the process for USF Required Training, Role-based Training, and USFPG Safety Training each in turn.

Completing a Course

1)  Click on the course you wish to begin.  Your courses will appear in the Navigation section under My Courses along the left-hand side of your screen.  See Figure 15.

Figure 15:  Selecting a course to begin.

2)  Once you are in a course, click the gold box for each training module to begin the training. See Figure 16.

Figure 16: opening the training modules.

  • At the top of each module you will see Important Information and Table of Contents. Important information tells you things you need to do to be able to access the actual training and Table of Contents tells you who is required to take the particular module. See Figure 17.

Figure 17: Who is required to take the training.

Once completion of all three areas of training are complete, your supervisor can pull a report from our data warehouse (HART) to show you have completed the courses.

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