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AcronymFull Terminology
AACRAOAmerican Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers
AAMCAssociation of American Medical Colleges
AAMC COFAAMC Compliance Officers Forum
AAPCAmerican Academy of Professional Coders
ABO ABO means blood type. It is not an acronym. You can have a blood type of A, AB, B, or O. ABO stands for the A, the B, or the O.
ACHAll Children's Hospital
ACOGAcademic Clinical Operations Group
ACOGAmerican College of Obstetrics & Gynecology
AHAAmerican Hospital Association
AHAAffordable Healthcare Act
AHIMAAmerican Health Information Management Association
AICPAAmerican Institute of Certified Public Accountants
AIMSAsset Investment Management System
AMAAmerican Medical Association
AP Accounts Payable
APIApplication Programming Interface
APRCAcademic Performance Review Committee
ARNPAdvanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
ASFAcademic Support Faculty
BIBusiness Intelligence
BICBilling Integrity Committee
BIPCBilling Integrity & Privacy Committee
BODBoard of Directors
BRDBusiness Requirements Document
CAMLSCenter for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation
CAPCorrective Action Plan
CASCentralized Application Service
CIMCentral Identity Management
CIPClassification of Instructional Programs
CIRCurriculum Inventory and Reports
CMEContinuing Professional Development
CMPAComprehensive Medical Practice Analysis
CMSCenter for Medicare & Medicaid Services (Federal Agency)

Children's Medical Services (Department of DOH - Florida State Agency)

CMSContent Management System
CMS BuildingChildren's Medical Services Building on USF Campus
COGClinical Operations Group
CONCollege of Nursing
COPHCollege of Public Health
CPCCertified Professional Coder
CPDContinuing Professional Development
CPOCompliance & Privacy Officer
CSSCascading Style Sheet
CTMSClinical Trial Management System
CURE NOTECompliance Update Reminder or Explanation Note
CVOCredentials Verification Organizations
DOHDepartment of Health (Florida State Agency)
DLACDean's Letter Advisory Committee
DPTDepartment of Physical Therapy
E/MEvaluation & Management
EMCExecutive Management Committee
EHRElectronic Health Record
EMRElectronic Medical Record
EMTExecutive Management Team
ERASElectronic Residency Application Service
ETDElectronic Thesis & Dissertation
ETLExtract, Transform, and Load
FACSFellow of the American College of Surgeons
FAQFrequently Asked Questions
FPPFaculty Practice Plan
FTEFull Time Equivalent
FYFiscal Year
GIMGeneral Internal Medicine
GMEGraduate Medical Education
GUIGraphic User Interface
HARTHealth Analytical Reporting & Tracking
HCCAHealth Care Compliance Association
HHSHealth & Human Services
HIPAAHealth Insurance Portability & Accountability Act
HITECH ActHealth Information Technology for Economic Clinical Health Act
HLMH. Lee Moffitt Cancer & Research Center
HSCHealth Sciences Center (now USF Health)
ICD9International Classification of Diseases 9th Revision
ICD10International Classification of Diseases 10th Revision
ICECInstitutional Compliance of Ethic Council (USF)
ISInformation Services
ITInformation Technology
JAHVAJames A. Haley Veterans Administration
LCDLocal Coverage Determination (Medicare)
LCELongitudinal Clinical Experience (COM)
LCMELiaison Committee on Medical Education
LMRLocal Medical Review (Medicare)
LMRPLocal Medical Review Policies (Medicare)
MAMedical Assistant
MCCMoffitt Cancer Center
MCOM Morsani College of Medicine
MDMMaster Data Management table
MeSHMedical Subject Heading
MRNMedical Record Number
MSPEMedical Student Performance Evaluation
MSSCMedical Services Support Corporation
NBMENational Board of Medical Examiners
NPPNotice of Privacy Practices
NRMPNational Residency Matching Program
OEA Office of Educational Affairs
OCSOffice of Compliance Services (now PIO)
OSCEObjective Structured Clinical Evaluations
OGCOffice of General Counsel (USF)
PAPhysician Assistant
PCISPatient Centric Information System
P&PPolicy & Procedures
PIOProfessional Integrity Office
PIPProfessional Integrity Program
POLPatient Online (GE Software, Part of PCIS)
PPCPay Per Click
PTPhysical Therapy
RACRecovery Audit Contractors (Medicare)
RCORevenue Cycle Operations
RHIARegistered Health Information Administrator
ROADReporting Online Activities Database
RPPReport of Potential Problem
SEOSearch Engine Optimization
SHSStudent Health Services (USF)
SPPStandard Practices & Procedures
SPTRS School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences formally known as DPT
SOARStudent Online Application Request
TEACH ActTechnology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization Act
TGHTampa General Hospital
UIUser Interface
UMEUndergraduate Medical Education
USFUniversity of South Florida
UMSAUniversity Medical Service Association, INC.
UOACUniversity Office of Audit & Compliance (USF)
UX User Experience
USF HEALSUSF Health Electronically Accessible Learning System
USFPGUSF Physicians Group (MSSC + UMSA + ASF)
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