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At times the system will respond in ways that may make the editing process harder.  Below are some common issues and tips on how to deal with them.

i. Locating your Page

The best way to relocate a lost page is to start with the navigation bar and use the branching button .

This will open the page library enabling you to find your page again.


ii. Lost in Interface

It is recommended that all edits be made on the page you are in. However, the interface has areas that may cause confusion, such as the Edit function in the Navigation Bar.


The result takes the user into the content editor, which is a very advanced editor that should not be used unless the contributor has knowledge of using this area.  To go back to the Experience Editor from here, the user needs to click the Close button near the top right of the interface


iii. Accidentally Exiting Out of the Interface

Some functions like Preview will seem to exit the Sitecore Experience Editor. In order to continue editing, the user can either use the back button in the web browser ot log back into the editor using the original URL. 

iv. Media Library Management

The Media Library will contain images and files that are on the web pages of your site. As the main repository for these items, it is necessary to have files and images in the Media Library if they are to be used within the site. NOTE: If the images are deleted from the library they will be deleted on the page.

The media library can be accessed alone from the main menu when the user first logs into Sitecore.


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