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There are some things that a Sitecore Contributor will not be able to do. In these situations, the FAQ below gives various options to the most common issues a Sitecore contributor might have. As the contributor pool grows, there will be updates in training and in the interface of Sitecore itself. Contributors will be added to a mailing list informing them of any changes that might affect their ability to operate in Sitecore.

Who Can I Contact for Help?

Contact to start the support process. Also support can be requested through the Service Desk system if needed.

In the near future among those trained to use this system a Super User list will be developed.  This list will be of Contributors that already have Sitecore experience and can be contacted to help to aid contributor level problems.

How Can I Become an Author?

There is a trial period after contributor training during which potential authors will be asked to complete a series of tasks that will be monitored by the Sitecore team.  After successfully completing this trial run, the contributor will have their permissions changed to that of an Author.  Please make the request through

Should this be a Service Desk Request?

Tasks that deal with overall site navigation and style changes to the overall look and feel of the page should be submitted as a Service Desk Request.  These spaces in the interface will not allow editing by a contributor.


Submit a Footprints ticket for all areas that display this message.

Specially Coded Areas

There are specially coded areas on some pages.  These can be identified by how they look on the page in comparison to how they look in the Rich Text Editor. If the images are not repeated in the editor or the movement of the area cannot be accounted for this is a specially coded area. Any changes within this space must be completed by a Sitecore Developer.

Adding Components

Contributors can add components. However Contributors are cautioned against adding components that are very complex or difficult to manage. If at anytime the contributor feels uncomfortable with a change they should put in a Footprints ticket.

Site Structure Changes

Experienced Contributors can add child pages to existing pages as needed (Please see Best Practices--Metadata).  If an overall site structure change needs to be made, the Contributor will most likely be given an error message like the one above. If this does not happen and the added page changes how the site links, please put in a Footprints ticket.  

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