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 In this Job Aid, we will cover the procedures for preparing the Daily Deposit at the Independent Site locations.

 These procedures include: 

  • Preparing the deposit to be picked up by the Armored Service.
  • Preparing the deposit backup for the Finance and Accounting Department.
  • Preparing the deposit backup for the Revenue Cycle Operations Personnel.


It is important not to use staples in any of these processes.  This information is scanned into the system and staples will not feed through the machine.  Make all attachments tightly fitted at both ends with tape.  To bind bundles together, use either a paper clip or a binder clip.


 Deposit Preparation Procedure

  1.  Run the BAR Supervisor Report
    1. While in PCIS, select BAR Reports from the Vertical Tool Bar.
    2. On the Hortizontal Tool Bar. select Front Desk Reports, and then select Supervisor Report from the drop down menu.
    3. Enter the BAR Batch number in the For Batch field.
    4. Hit the Enter key twice.
    5. Enter the appropriate Device.
    6. Click OK.
    7. Write the location for the report (ie, Morsani 5th floor) on the top of the report.
  2. Match the Monies and TES Hash Totals
    1. Compare the Batch Control Ticket and the Supervisor Report.
    2. Compare the Credit Card Receipts with the Supervisor Report.
    3. Count the cash in the envelope and compare with the Supervisor Report.
    4. If there are any checks being manually deposited, compare the total with the Supervisor Report.


    When combining multiple batches into one deposit, check each batch to match totals on Cash Drawer Report to receipts.  When counting cash, match against individual batch Cash Drawer Report. Then combine cash and match to Supervisor Report.

  3. Get a Bank Bag and rip off the top portion that contains the Deposit Number.  Cut out the number and tape it to the bottom of the Supervisor Report. Tape the number in a vertical position with tape on both ends.
  4. Fill out the Daily Deposit Report with the appropriate attachments as indicated on the form.
  5. Fill out the Bank Deposit Slip.
  6. Make one copy of each of the following:
    • White Bank Deposit Slip.
    • Daily Deposit Report.
    • Supervisor Report.
  7. Fill out the Bank Deposit Bag with the following information:
    • Date.
    • Deposit Total.
    • Fill in the From field with your department name.
    • Fill in the To field with the Sun Trust name.
  8. Attach the cash and any checks being manually deposited to the White Deposit Slip. Place this in the Bank Deposit Bag and seal the top. The Bank Deposit Bag is now ready for the Armoured Service Pickup.


Generate Bundles to go to the Following Areas

 Wayne Fisher’s (Revenue Cycle Operations) bundle:

  1. Daily Deposit Report (report that was emailed to Finance and Accounting,
  2. The original Supervisor’s Report that has the Deposit Bag number taped to the bottom.
  3. Copy of the bank deposit slip (if not attached to the Daily Deposit Report).
  4. Copy of Terminal Totals Report from the credit card machine (if not attached to the Daily Deposit Report fax).  If needed, tape report to a 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper.
  5. Cash Drawer Report followed by:
    1. Copies of all checks.
    2. Front Desk receipt copies for all transactions in the batch.
      • Credit Card Receipts should be taped to the Front Desk receipts for the patient whose payment was made by credit card.
      • Front Desk receipts for all “like” transactions (i.e., cash, check, credit card, etc) should be kept together, and a calculator tape showing the total should be taped to the first Front Desk Receipt for each transaction group.
      • If a patient site uses handwritten UMSA receipts, please substitute copies of all UMSA receipts for the Front Desk receipt copies.


    If there are multiple batches for a deposit, repeat for each additional batch.

 Finance and Accounting bundle:

  1.  Daily Deposit Report Form with the following slips attached by tape in the designated areas:
    1. Copy of the Deposit Slip.
    2. Fill in the Deposit Date, Site, Total Collected, From, and the breakdown of monies collected.

  2. Once this information has been properly attached, email the form and sheet(s) to: 

Contact phone number: 813-974-4432

 USFPG Finance and Accounting Department


 Supervisor bundle:

  1.  Copy of the Supervisor Report showing the Deposit Bag number.
  2. Copy of the Finance and Accounting Daily Deposit Report Form and attached sheet (s). 
     Make sure to staple the Finance and Accounting fax confirmation to this form.
  3. Pink Deposit Slip.
  4. Cash Drawer Report (no receipts) from each batch.
  5. Staple all together and keep where specified by Supervisor.


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