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To request a person be added to or removed from JIRA, please send an email to AND with the following information:

USF/USF Health personnel:

  • Display name for the user (first and last)
  • HSCNET account OR FOREST account name
  • Team/group/organizational department membership
  • Additional permissions (if the person should be added to a specific project or as an admin for a project)

Or for vendors:

  • Display name for the user (first and last)
  • Email address
  • Affiliation (choose one of the below): 
    • Health IS
    • USF IT
    • USF/USF Health employee (internal customer/partner/etc.) – if this is checked, provide what department/college/group they are affiliated with
    • Non-employee (vendor/consultant/hospital affiliate) – if this is checked, provide their employer/company
  • Specific projects to be added to

Please also email AND when a user leaves and will no longer need JIRA access. The system uses a headcount for licenses, and these are not removed automatically when a FOREST or HSCNET account is disabled. In order to reclaim the license they hold, the account must be deactivated in JIRA itself. Worklogs and productivity will still be retained in JIRA after they are deactivated.

If the person to be deactivated is a project lead on one of the JIRA projects, please also include who should replace them as project lead. They cannot be deactivated while they are in a project lead role in the system.

  • None