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Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse is a collection of tables, views, snapshots, and other objects designed for the purpose of reporting. For information on the main objects in the Data Warehouse, read the Technical Documentation.

Some tables and views related to main tables are not included in the tech documentation. For specific information on those and other Data Warehouse tables and views, read the individual table/view comments in the MetaMart.


Service Requests 

USR Search Page - Search for User Service Requests (USRs) in-progress and/or completed.

Submit USR - Submit a User Service Request (USR).


Standards for Development and Documentation 

Read standards for database tables and views, process and job documentation, and repository usage. 


The MetaMart is an interactive tool that allows business and technical users to easily locate information about USF enterprise business systems metadata. To bookmark the MetaMart use:, not the URL generated when you follow this link.

Other data marts, such as Hub Mart, DocMart, Finance Mart, IT Communications Mart, and Admissions Mart are available through the Data Marts Page.


Applications Manager (AppWorx)

Applications Manager is an administrative systems automation tool with which Banner users can do process-dependent scheduling.

The IT State and Operational Reporting Group operates within the University Services Division of Information Technologies, SVC4010,

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