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COMALL: includes all COM residents, Peds residents, staff, and Peds staff
COMFAC: Includes all COM faculty, this list is restricted to specified senders.
COMRES: Includes all COM residents and Peds residents, this list is restricted to specified senders.
COMSTA: Includes all COM staff and Peds staff.
COMSTU: Includes all COM Students.


CONALL: Includes all CON faculty, staff, and student.

CONBS: Includes all CON bachelor students.
CONGRAD: Includes all CON Masters students.
CONPHD: Includes all CON Phd students.
CONRN: Includes all CON BS-RN students.
CONFAC: Includes all CON faculty.
CONSTA: Includes all Con staff.
CONSTU: Includes all CON Students.


COPH: Includes all COPH faculty, staff, and student.
COPHFAC: Includes all COPH faculty.
COPHSTA: Includes all COPH staff.
COPHSTU: Includes all COPH students.



 This list includes all faculty, staff, resident/fellow, and students of USF Health. This list is restricted to specified senders.  For information about permissions to send to this list, please call 974-6288.