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Discussion items


Update on Meeting with Lisa Landis

Has been working with WRS

  • Leslie has concern over the changing of Advisor relationships in Banner affecting other related areas of the application
    • Travis explained that the areas are distinct from one another and we do not expect any problems
    • Creating a Corral for a care team member who does not have an advisor designation could be made more difficult?
    • Leslie's concern is that if we retool the Banner page to meet our needs, by naming people advisors even if they are not one so that they will display in Archivum correctly, could mess up existing or future reports if someone views this Banner table as accurate advisor information (it would not be)
 Discussion of Alpha Rollout 
  • Training for New Care Team Members
  • Training on new functionality for existing Care Team Members
  • Introduction of the idea of Care Teams at student orientations
  • Scope: we hit all colleges with release 1, would like to do that again with release 2
  • Early Alpha Release:
    • Need a specific student group or population to be our pilots
      • Hopefully representative
  • Hoping to push to production the student facing and advisor facing sections
    • Would be difficult to untangle these functionalities
  • Future of ACM with regards to funding and future releases
  • Should we target the PALs as our pilots? Use both student and CT facing sections
    • Orientation Leaders, too
  • Danger of using the entire 17-18 cohort as pilots:
    • If they don't like the pilot, they'll never come back
    • Timing
      • Students are already in Orientation, how can we target them now?
  • Summer 17 FTIC Cohort?
    • Their orientation is also happening
    • Not as big as full fall
    • Traditionally less likely to persist
  • Danger of atrophying:
    • If students don't use it actively, advisors won't
    • If students do, advisors will stick around
  • How can we target the students without using Orientation?
  • Directors want to make their own corrals
    • Why?
      • Desire to identify students with certain attributes for the purpose of monitoring certain risk factors that they are concerned about
      • Would be frequently reworking and updating their corral
    • We do not want students to see the director as part of their care team
    • We would want advisors to see the director relationship
    • Directors can already do this, but enhancements are definitely desired
  • We know there is desire for reporting functionality
  • we would like to get ahead of release 3 by determining what those reports would look like
  • one suggested report:
    • Burndown chart towards regristration
  • Will revisit this issue in the upcoming months

Action items

  • Travis will send summary of how to assign students to care teams
  • Leslie - List of ongoing concerns