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Length: The length of time a student will be in the elective

4 weeks = one elective period

2 weeks = half an elective period (e.g. A or B)

4 to 8 weeks indicates the elective can be taken for 1 or 2 elective periods


Hours: The approximate hours per week the student will be involved with this elective.


Availability: The number of students able to take an elective at an offered site during any month the elective is open.

Tampa Campus

ACHAll Children's Hospital (St. Petersburg)MPMHCMorton Plant Mease Health Care (Clearwater)
BFMCBayfront Medical Center (St. Petersburg)ORHCOrlando Regional HealthCare Group (Dade City)
BPVAHBay Pines Veterans Admin Hosp (St. Petersburg)PCHGPremier Community HealthCare Group (Dade City)
CFClinical Faculty (to be assigned by department)SMHSarasota Memorial Hopital
CCFCleveland Clinic FloridaSCHShriner's Children's Hospital
CCHDCitrus Country Health DepartmentSCHShriner's Children's Hospital
CHCPCommunity Health Care Center of PinellasSVMCSt. Vincent Medical Center (Jacksonville)
DMHDesoto Memorial Hospital (Arcadia)TFHCTampa Family Health Centers
FBSFlorida Blood ServicesTGHTampa General Hospital
FHFlorida Hospital (Daytona Beach)TRMCTallahassee Regional Medical Center
FMVAHFt. Myers Veterans Affairs HospitalTVAHTampa Veterans Administration Hospital
FTCFairwinds Treatment CenterUDIUniversity Diagnostic Institute
HHHalifax Hospital (Daytona Beach)UPCUniversity Psychiatric Center
HCHDHillsborough County Health DepartmentUSFMCUniversity of South Florida Medical Clinics
HCMEHillsborough County Medical examiners OfficeUSFMSUniversity of South Florida Medical School
HEMHHelen Ellis Medical center (Tarpon Springs)VHVencor Hospital
MCCMoffitt Cancer CenterWHWomen's Hospital (Tampa/Humana)

Lehigh Valley (Allentown) Campus

LVH-CCLehigh Valley Hospital - Cedar CrestLVHNLehigh Valley Health Network
Lehigh Valley Hospital - Muhlenberg  


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