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Welcome to the DrPH Program at the College of Public Health! 

The DrPH Program

The DrPH prepares advanced practice professionals for leadership roles in practice‐based settings such as health departments, non‐profit organizations, health services, international agencies, and community‐based organizations. Accordingly, the emphasis of the DrPH is placed on fostering advanced expertise and leadership in developing, implementing, and evaluating evidence‐based public health practice. 

Admission information can be found on our Graduate Admissions page.


The mission of the DrPH degree is to prepare practitioners for leadership, management, and advocacy in public health practice, through a scientific, interdisciplinary approach to understanding and solving public health problems in the public and private sectors, the United States, and worldwide. 

This mission relates directly to the University of South Florida mission, which includes creating a community of learners with significant and sustainable university‐community partnerships and collaborations, as well as designing, building, and strengthening healthy communities and improving quality of life.

 Curriculum Overview

The 2017 DrPH curriculum requires 43 semester hours beyond the masters degree. The core curriculum of the DrPH concentration in Advanced Practice Leadership is comprised of four curriculum clusters (25 credits) plus electives (12 credits):

  • Cluster 1: Community Engagement
  • Cluster 2: Leadership and Management
  • Cluster 3: Communication and Education
  • Cluster 4: Evidence-Informed Public Health

DrPH advanced training is comprised of the following culminating activities (6 credits):

  • Collaboration with senior public health practitioners through Applied Practice Experiences designed to develop both leadership and professional skills.
  • Verification of DrPH core knowledge through a qualifying examination administered by the student's doctoral committee.
  • Completion of a field-based doctoral project that is designed to influence programs, policies, or systems applicable to public health practice.
 Mode of Delivery

The USF College of Public Health DrPH degree is completed through distance‐learning (fall, spring, and summer semesters) in addition to on‐campus learning via three on-campus DrPH Institutes. This combination of program delivery formats allows working professionals to connect with other professionals, and broaden their grasp of public health management, practice, and research without interrupting their careers.

If a DrPH student lives near the USF campus, they are welcome to take courses on-campus as well as online.


The University of South Florida is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of College and Schools (SACS). The College of Public Health degree programs are accredited by the Council on Education in Public Health (CEPH).


The DrPH Guidebook

This DrPH Guidebook has four sections, linked below and on the upper left of this page. Follow these four steps to work through your program. 

Each DrPH Guidebook page will have this link at the bottom to allow you to come back to this home page and access the menu:


Get Assistance

Navigating your DrPH experience can be challenging at times, and we are here to help. This guidebook walks you through the basic steps from your first semester to graduation. Please reach out to us with any questions you have.

 Persons to Contact
  • DrPH Program Director: You can contact Dr. Janice Zgibor at or (813) 974-6277.
  • Assistant Director: You can contact Somer Burke at or (813) 974-6606.
  • Office of Academic and Student Affairs: 
 Student Resources

Please go to this link for information on a variety of student resources available to you as a student of USF: Student Resources

 Printing the Guidebook

You can print any single page of the guidebook using the "Tools" menu in the upper right corner and exporting the page to a PDF copy.  You can print sections of this document by using the "Browse" menu in the upper left corner of the menu bar and selecting the "Space Operations" option. There you can select the "PDF Export" option and the customize the PDF to include any sections you wish.

 Catalog Disclaimer

This version of the DrPH Guidebook is the official version of the USF College of Public Health Guidebook for the DrPH degree effective for the current catalog. This is a subset of and supplement to the USF Graduate Catalog. If there are conflicts between the two documents, the USF Graduate Catalog prevails.

The College of Public Health reserves the right to change its rules, courses, and requirements from time to time and to make all such changes applicable to all students, whether new or continuing, when in its sole judgment such changes are deemed necessary.

To view the complete USF Graduate Catalog, go to:; for USF regulations and policies, go to



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