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Syllabi are posted when received from faculty.  These syllabi are not intended to be used for the current academic term.  If you need a current syllabus check with the instructor of the course.  If you are looking for textbook(s) for specific course(s) please go to the USF Bookstore page.

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Dept Prefix Course
Course Name 
C-W HSC2017Careers in Public Health (On-Campus) (Online)
C-WPHC2100Introduction to Public Health (On-Campus)
C-WHSC2100Contemporary Health Science (On-Campus) (Online)
CFHHSC2130Sex, Health and Decision-Making (On-Campus)
CFHHUN2201Nutrition (Online)
C-WHSC2933Selected Topics in Public Health - Content areas vary.
CFHHUN3126Food and Culture (Online)
CFHHUN3272Sports Nutrition (Online)
CFHHUN3296Nutrition and Disease (Online)
EOHPHC3302Introduction to Environmental and Occupational Health (On-Campus) (Online)
EOHPHC3320Environmental Health Science (Online)
EOHHSC3503Principles of Toxicology (On-Campus) (Online)
CFHHUN3601Nutrition Education and Counseling
EPBPHC4030Introduction to Epidemiology (On-Campus) (Online)
GLHPHC 4031Emerging Infectious Diseases (On-Campus) (Online)
GLHPHC 4032Foundations of Infection Control (On-Campus) (Online)
EPBPHC4069Biostatistics in Society (On-Campus) (Online)
C-WPHC4101Overview of Public Health Programs and Policies (On-Campus) (Online)
C-WPHC4117Workforce and Leadership Development (On-Campus) (Online)
HPMHSA4124Comparative Health Care Systems (On-Campus)
GLHPHC 4140Introduction to Public Health Geographic Information Systems (On-Campus)
CFHPHC4141Intervention Program Planning and Management (On-Campus)
CFHHSC4172Women's Health: A Public Health Perspective (Online)
GLHPHC4188Public Health Emergencies in Large Populations (On-Campus)
CFHHSC4211Health, Behavior and Society (Online)
EOHHSC4213Environmental and Occupational Risk Analysis (Online)
GLHPHC4234Public and Private Continuity Planning for Emergencies (On-Campus)
GLHPHC4241Psychology of Fear & Mental Health Issues Related to Disasters (On-Campus)
GLHPHC4250Crisis Leadership in Disasters (On-Campus)
GLHPHC4252Int'l Post-disaster Recovery: Peacekeeping (On-Campus) (Termination Effective: Fall 2018)
GLHPHC4253Int'l Humanitarian Crisis: Gender and Health (On-Campus) (Termination Effective: Fall 2018)
GLHPHC4375Community Participation in Homeland Security (On-Campus)
GLHPHC4376Disaster by Design (On-Campus)
EOHHSC4430Occupational Health and Safety (On-Campus) (Online)
HPMPHC4431Economic Rationale of Health Policy (Online)
C-WPHC4464Introduction to Health Disparities and Social Determinants (On-Campus) (Online)
CFHPHC4501Health Education Theory and Behavior (On-Campus)
GLHHSC4504Foundations of Public Health Immunology (On-Campus) (Online)
C-WHSC4537Medical Terminology (Online)
C-WHSC4551Survey of Human Diseases (On-Campus) (Online)
EOHHSC4573Foundations of Food Safety (On-Campus) (Online)
CFHHSC4579Foundations of Maternal and Child Health (Online)
CFHPHC4582Health Education Methods and Strategies (On-Campus)
GLHHSC4624Foundations of Global Health (On-Campus) (Online)
HPMHSC4630Understanding U.S. Health Care (Online)
C-WHSC4631Critical Issues in Public Health (On-Campus) (Online)
C-WPHC4720Foundation to Professional Writing in Public Health (Online)
C-WPHC4755Foundations of Evaluation and Research in Public Health (On-Campus) (Online)
EOHPHC4931Health Care Ethics (On-Campus)
EOHEIN4933Special Topics in Industrial Engineering: Occupational Safety Engineering (Online)
C-WHSC4933 Special Topics in Public Health - Content areas vary.
C-WPHC4942Public Health Field Seminar (On-Campus)
CFHHSC5036Professional Foundations of Health Education (On-Campus)
CFHHUN5265Methods of Nutritional Assessment (Online)
C-WPHC5933Special Topics in Public Health - Content areas vary.
EPBPHC6000Epidemiology (Online)
EPBPHC6002Infectious Disease Epidemiology (On-Campus) (Online)
EPBPHC6006Epidemiological Methods In Infectious Diseases (Online)
EPBPHC6007Cancer Epidemiology (On-Campus) (Online)
EPBPHC6008Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology (Online)
EPBPHC6010Epidemiology Methods I (On-Campus) (Online)
EPBPHC6011Epidemiology Methods II (On-Campus) (Online)
EPBPHC6020Clinical Trials (On-Campus)
CFHPHC6035Comorbidity of Mental and Physical Disorders (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6037Public Health Virology (On-Campus)
EPBPHC6042Methods in Pharmacoepidemiology (On-Campus)

Biostatistics I (Online)

EPBPHC6051Biostatistics II (On Campus) (Online)
EPBPHC6053Categorical Data Analysis (On-Campus) (Online)
EPBHSC6055Survival Analysis (On-Campus)
EPBHSC6056Survey Sampling Methods in Health Sciences (On-Campus)
EPBPHC6057Biostatistical Inference I (On-Campus)
EPBPHC6060Biostatistical Case Studies and Collaboration I (On-Campus)
EPBPHC6061Biostatistical Case Studies and Collaboration II (On-Campus)
HPMPHC6063Public Health Data, Information and Decision Making (Online)
EPBPHC6081Intermediate SAS In Epidemiology (On-Campus)
EPBPHC6084Bayesian Data Analysis (On-Campus)
EPBPHC6096Fundamentals of Probability (On-Campus)
EPBPHC6097Multilevel Data Modeling and Analysis (On-Campus)
HPMPHC6102Principles of Public Health Policy and Management (On-Campus) (Online)
HPMPHC6104Management of Public Health Programs (Online)
GLHPHC6106Global Health Program Development and Administration (On-Campus)
C-WPHC6108Foundations of Public Health (On-Campus)
HPMPHC6110International Health and Health Care Systems (Online)
CFHPHC6120Community Partnerships and Advocacy (Online)
GLHPHC6121Vaccines (On-Campus)
CFHDIE6127Principles of Leadership and Management of Food and Nutrition (Online)
C-WPHC6145Translation to Public Health Practice (On-Campus)
HPMPHC6146Health Services Planning and Evaluation (Online)
HPMPHC6147Managing Quality Health Care (Online)
HPMPHC6148Strategic Planning and Marketing for Health Care (On-Campus)
HPMPHC6151Health Policy and Politics (On-Campus)
HPMPHC6160Health Care Financial Management (On-Campus) (Online)
HPMPHC6161Health Finance Applications (On-Campus)
HPMPHC6166Advanced Seminar in Health Care Management (On-Campus)
HPMPHC6180Health Services Management (On-Campus)
HPMPHC6181Organizational Behavior in Health Services (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6183Overview of United States and International Emergency/Disaster Management (Online)
GLHPHC6184Emergency/Disaster Recovery (Online)
GLHPHC6185Emergency/Disaster Preparedness and Planning (Online)
GLHPHC6186Public Health Emergencies in Large Populations (Online)
EPBPHC6190Public Health Database Management (Online)
HPMPHC6191Quantitative Analysis in Health Services (On-Campus)
CFHPHC6193Qualitative Methods in Community Health Research (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6194Public Health GIS
HPMPHC6196Information Systems in Health Care Management (On-Campus)
CFHPHC6197Secondary Data Analysis in Maternal and Child Health (On-Campus)
EOHEIN6215Engineering System Safety
EOHEIN6216Occupational Safety Engineering (Online)
GLHPHC6230Foundations of Humanitarian Assistance (Online)
GLHPHC6231Organizing Emergency Humanitarian Actions (Online)
GLHPHC6232From Emergency to Development and Prevention (Online)
GLHPHC6233Current Challenges in the Humanitarian Field (Online)
GLHPHC6235Critical Infrastructure Protection for Public Health Concepts (Online)
GLHPHC6236Business Continuity for Global Health and Security (Online)
CFHDIE6248Advanced Clinical Nutrition (Online)
GLHPHC6251Disease Surveillance and Monitoring (Online)
GLHPHC6254Public Health Implications and Concerns in Homeland Security (Online)
GLHPHC6255Homeland Security: Law, Policy and Public Health (Online)
EOHPHC6300Principles of Environmental Health (Online)
EOHPHC6303Community Air Pollution (On-Campus)
EOHPHC6305Environmental Analytical Laboratory (On-Campus)
EOHPHC6307Principles of Exposure Assessment & Control (Online)
EOHPHC6310Environmental and Occupational Toxicology (Online)
EOHPHC6313Indoor Environmental Quality (Online)
GLHPHC6314Infection Control Program Design (Online)
EOHPHC6325Environmental Laboratory Principles (Online)
EOHPHC6326Global Issues in Environmental Health (Online)
EOHPHC6345HSE Management & Administration (Online)
EOHPHC6351Occupational Medicine for Health Professionals (On-Campus)
EOHPHC6353Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment (Online)
EOHPHC6355Principles of Occupational Safety (Online)
EOHPHC6356Industrial Hygiene (On-Campus)
EOHPHC6357Environmental and Occupational Health (Online)
EOHPHC6358Physical Agents - Assessment and Control (On-Campus)
EOHPHC6360Safety Management Principles and Practices (On-Campus)
EOHPHC6361Industrial Ergonomics (On-Campus)
EOHPHC6362Industrial Ventilation (On-Campus)
EOHPHC6364Industrial Hygiene Aspects of Plant Operations (On-Campus)
EOHPHC6365CAnalytical Methods in Industrial Hygiene I (On-Campus)
EOHPHC6366CAnalytical Methods in Industrial Hygiene II (On-Campus)
EOHPHC6369Industrial Toxicology (Online)
EOHPHC6373Protecting Public Health: Bio-terrorism / Bio-defense (Online)
CFHPHC6401Homelessness: Implications for Behavioral Healthcare (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6408Health Education and Counseling (Online)
CFHPHC6410Social and Behavioral Sciences As Applied to Health (On-Campus) (Online)
CFHPHC6411Introduction to Social Marketing for Public Health (Online)
CFHPHC6412Health Disparities and Social Determinants (Online)
CFHPHC6413Family and Community Violence in Public Health (On-Campus)
CFHPHC6414Adolescent Health (On-Campus)
HPMPHC6420Health Care Law, Regulation and Ethics (On-Campus)
HPMPHC6421Public Health Law and Ethics (Online)
EOHPHC6423Occupational Health Law (On-Campus)
HPMPHC6430Health Economics I (On-Campus)
HPMPHC6435Comparative Health Insurance Systems (Online)
GLHPHC6442Global Health Applications in the Field (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6450Patient-centered Communication and Professionalism (On-Campus)
CFHPHC6460Social Marketing Program Management (Online)
CFHPHC6461Advanced Social Marketing (Online)
CFHPHC6462Cultural Competency in Public Health Practice (On-Campus)
CFHPHC6500Theoretical & Behavioral basis for Health Education (On-Campus)
CFHPHC6505Program Planning in Community Health (On-Campus)
CFHPHC 6507Health Education Intervention Methods (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6510Exotic and Emerging Infectious Diseases (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6511Public Health Immunology (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6512Vectors of Human Disease (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6513Public Health Parasitology (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6514Infectious Disease Control in Developing Countries (On-Campus)
EOHPHC6515Food Safety (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6516Tropical Diseases (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6517Infectious Disease Prevention Strategies (Online)
CFHPHC6521Public Health Nutrition (On-Campus)
CFHPHC6522Nutrition in Health and Disease (Online)
CFHPHC6530Issues and Concepts in Maternal and Child Health (On-Campus)
CFHPHC6532Women's Health Issues in Public Health (On-Campus)
CFHPHC6535International Maternal and Child Health (On-Campus)
CFHPHC6537Case Studies in MCH Programs, Policies, and Research (On-Campus)
CFHPHC6539Foundations in Adolescent Behavioral Health (Online)
CFHPHC6543Foundations in Behavioral Health Systems (Online)
CFHPHC6544Children's Mental Health Services (On-Campus)
CFHPHC6545Evaluation in Mental Health (On-Campus)
EPBPHC6546Epidemiology of Mental Disorders (Online)
CFHPHC6547Case Management in Community Mental Health (Online)
CFHPHC6550Child Health and Development (On-Campus)
CFHHSC6552Community-Based Prevention in Behavioral Health (Online)
EOHHSC6556Pathobiology of Human Disease I (Online)
GLHPHC6560The Public Health Laboratory System (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6561Laboratory Techniques in Public Health (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6562Microbiology for Healthcare Workers (Online)
C-WPHC6588History and Systems of Public Health (Core Course) (On-Campus) (Online)
EPBPHC6591Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology (Online) (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6593Professional Development in Genetic Counseling (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6596Introduction to Genetic Counseling (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6597Quantitative Genomics and Genetics (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6601Human Genomics in Medicine and Public Health (On-Campus)
EPBPHC6701Computer Applications for Public Health Research (On-Campus) (Online)
CFHPHC6705Formative Research Methods in Social Marketing (Online)
CFHPHC6708Evaluation and Research Methods in Community Health (On-Campus)
CFHPHC6716Advanced Formative Research Methods
GLHPHC6722Laboratory Rotations in Global Health Research (Online)
GLHPHC 6724Synthesizing Public Health Research (Online)
CFHPHC6725Focus Group Research Strategies (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6726Community-based Participatory Research for Tropical Health
CFHPHC6728Translational Research Methods in Adolescent Behavioral Health (Online)
CFHPHC6729Advanced Research Education in Adolescent Behavioral Health (Online)
CWPHC6756Population Assessment: Part 1 (On-Campus) (Online)
C-WPHC6757Population Assessment: Part 2 (On-Campus)
HPMPHC6760Research Methods in Public Health Programs (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6761Global Health Assessment Strategies (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6764Global Health Principles and Contemporary Issues (On-Campus)
CFHPHC6765International Health Education (Online)
GLHPHC6766Global Health Challenges: In-Country Case Study (Field Course - no syllabus)
CFHHUN6804Nutrition and Dietetics Research (On-Campus)
C-WPHC6907Independent Study: Public Health
GLHPHC6911Clinical Research I (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6912Clinical Research II (On-Campus)
GLHPHC6915Clinical Research III (On-Campus)
HPMPHC6917Master of Health Administration Internship Report (On-Campus)
C-WPHC6930Public Health Seminar (On-Campus)
C-WPHC6934 Selected Topics in Public Health - Content areas vary.
C-WPHC6936Public Health Capstone (Online)
GLHPHC6940Clinical Practicum in Genetic Counseling (On-Campus)
HPMPHC6941Master of Health Administration Internship (On-Campus)
C-WPHC6943Integrated Learning Experience
C-WPHC6945Supervised Field Experience
CFHPHC6946Service Learning in Adolescent Behavioral Health I (On-Campus)
CFHPHC6947Service Learning in Adolescent Behavioral Health II (On-Campus)
CFHPHC6948Service Learning in Adolescent Behavioral Health III (On-Campus)
C-WPHC6949Applied Practice Experiences
C-WPHC6971Thesis: Master of Science in Public Health
C-WPHC6977Special Project: MPH
EPBPHC7018Environmental Epidemiology (On-Campus)
EPBPHC7019Occupational Epidemiology (On-Campus)
EPBPHC7045Practical Issues in Epidemiology (On-Campus)
EPBPHC7055Biostatistical Computing (On-Campus)
EPBPHC7056Longitudinal Data Analysis (On-Campus)
EPBPHC7058Biostatistical Inference II (On-Campus)
EPBPHC7059Advanced Survival Data Analysis (On-Campus)
EPBPHC7067Probability Models (On-Campus)
GLHPHC7085Public Health Laboratory Bioinformatics
CFHPHC 7103Transforming Public Health Practice (Online)
C-WPHC7119Organizational Behavior in Public Health Systems (Online)
GLHPHC7122Vaccinology (On-Campus)
CFHPHC7149Practical Applications II: Public Health Leadership (On-Campus)
CFHPHC7152Policy and Practice in Community and Family Health (On-Campus)
CFHPHC 7154Evidence-Informed Public Health I (Online)
CFHPHC 7156Evidence-informed Public Health II (On-Campus)
CFHPHC7198Advanced Qualitative Methods in Community Health Research (On-Campus)
CFHHSC7268Professional Foundations III: Joining the Academy (On-Campus)
CFHPHC7317Risk Communication in Public Health (Online)
EOHPHC7368Aerosol Technology in Industrial Hygiene (On-Campus)
CFHPHC7405Theoretical Application to Public Health Issues (On-Campus)
HPMPHC7437Applications in Health Economics (On-Campus)
C-WPHC7466Health Disparities and Cultural Competency in Public Health (On-Campus)
C-WPHC7504Innovative Education in Public Health (On-Campus)
GLHPHC7563Public Health Laboratory Management II
GLHPHC7564Public Health Laboratory Microbiology (Online)
GLHPHC7565Public Health Laboratory Management I (Online)
GLHPHC7566Public Health Laboratory Safety and Security
GLHPHC7567Public Health Laboratory Molecular Biology and Molecular Diagnostics
CFHPHC7583Community-Based Health Promotion (On-Campus)
CFHPHC7702Advanced Public Health Research and Evaluation Methods
EPBPHC7703Advanced Research Methods in Epidemiology (On-Campus)
CFHPHC7704Applied Research Methods in Community and Family Health (On-Campus)
C-WPHC7908Specialized Study in Public Health
C-WPHC7910Directed Research
C-WPHC7919Public Health Doctoral Project
C-WPHC7931Advanced Interdisciplinary Seminar in Public Health (Online)
CFHPHC7932Practical Applications I: Policy, Advocacy and Public Health
CFHPHC7934Writing for Scholarly Publication in Health Sciences (Online)
C-WPHC7935 Special Topics in Public Health - Content areas vary.
HPMPHC7936Seminar in Health Care Outcomes Measurement (On-Campus)
CFHPHC7937Advanced Seminar in Grant-Writing (Online)
C-WPHC7941Advanced Applied Practice Experiences (Online)
C-WPHC7980Dissertation: Doctorate

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