College of Public Health Guidebooks

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Community and Family Health

Department Chair: William M. Sappenfield, MD, MPH
Department Administrator: Pam Hachey, or (813) 396-9103

Environmental and Occupational Health


Department Chair: Thomas E. Bernard, PhD
Department Administrator: Nolan Kimbal, or (813) 974-1120

  Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Department Chair: Kathleen O’Rourke, PhD
Department Administrator: Jane Lundh, or (813) 974-4529

Global Health


Department Chair: Thomas Unnasch, PhD
Department Administrator: Jessica Grossman, or (813) 974-1587

Health Policy and Management



Department Chair: Sandra Potthoff, PhD
Department Administrator: Sara Spear, or (813) 974-5131

College-Wide Programs

Public Health Practice (MPH)
Director: Kay Perrin, PhD, MPH, CPH

Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)
Director: Janice Zgibor, PhD



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