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Violence and Injury: Prevention and Intervention (Graduate Certificate)

This certificate will provide an enhanced understanding of violence and injury, which have become major public health problems in our contemporary society. Injuries are the leading cause of death of children and young adults and estimates of family and community violence of all kinds are staggering.  The prevalence of violence and injury affect every major health discipline as well as social services, law enforcement, and therapeutic interventions. The Healthy People 2010 stresses the importance of violence and injury reduction through the lifespan.

Courses and Credit Hours

Thirteen (13) to 15 credit hours are required for completion of the Certificate.

Required Courses (10-12 credit hours)

    • HSC 6641         Prevention and Control of Unintentional Injuries (3 credits)
    • PHC 6413         Family and Community Violence in Public Health (3 credits)
    • Choose one of the following:
      • PHC 6930         Public Health Seminar - Injury and Violence Topic such as Violence and Public Health Policy (1-3 credits)
      • SOW 6931 Selected Topics in Social Work such as Traumatology and Intervention (1-3 credits)
    • Choose one of the following:
      • GEY 6934         Elder Abuse (3 credits)
      • PHC 6934         Maltreated Children and their Families (3 credits)

Electives   (3 credit hours)

Three (3) graduate hours of elective courses must be taken from the Department of Community and Family Health that emphasize planning and evaluation of programs.                        

The applicant must have an earned Bachelor's degree from an accredited academic institution. 

Application Process for Enrollment
Call the Graduate Certificate Office at (813) 974-2442 or visit their website at to obtain the appropriate applications.

Standardized Test Requirements
There are no specific test requirements.

Registration Process for Individual Courses
Follow the accepted procedure for graduate level courses.

Time Limit for Completion of Certificate
The certificate should be completed within 3 years.

Fees per Course / Credit Hour
Fees parallel that of standard graduate level classes.  Please visit the USF website at to view current fees.

Course Location
This Certificate is offered at the Tampa campus.

For Certificate Contact Information go to:

Special Notes

USF College of Public Health
13201 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.
Tampa FL 33612-3805
Toll Free 888-USF-COPH (press 1 for Student Advising)

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