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Social Marketing and Public Health (Online Graduate Certificate)

The social marketing in public health certificate program is offered to professionals working in public health, environmental protection, financial literacy, transportation, housing, business, engineering, and other fields who wish to develop, implement and evaluate social marketing programs. 

The University of South Florida, College of Public Health, has been a leader in social marketing in public health for over 10 years.  Each year, USF hosts an international conference in social marketing which has drawn over 3,500 participants during the past 21 years, and a Social Marketing Field School.  The University of South Florida also houses a CDC funded Prevention Research Center which is developing a community-based approach to social marketing.

Course and Credit Hours

Fifteen (15) credit hours are required for completion of the Certificate. Four of these courses are offered online.  The Capstone course can be completed anywhere, although students are strongly encouraged to attend a two-day seminar in the Tampa Bay area to share their special project results and participate in a graduation ceremony at the Social Marketing conference.

Required Courses

    • PHC 6411     Introduction to Social Marketing for Public Health (3 credits)
    • PHC 6705     Formative Research Methods in Social Marketing (3 credits)
    • PHC 6460     Social Marketing Program Management (3 credits)
    • PHC 6974     Social Marketing Capstone (3 credits)
    • And select one of the following two courses:
      • PHC 6716     Advanced Formative Research (3 credits)
      • PHC 6461     Advanced Social Marketing Program Management (3 credits)

Application Process for Enrollment into the Certificate Program
Call the Graduate Certificate Office at (813) 974-2442 or visit their website at to obtain the appropriate applications.

Standardized Test Requirements
There are no specific test requirements.

Registration Process for Individual Courses
Follow the accepted procedure for graduate level courses.

Time Limit for Completion of Certificate
Time limits on certificate completion comply with university standards.

Fees per Course / Credit Hour
Fees depend on residential status. Please contact Bobbi Rose at (813)-974-6158 for help assessing the cost of each course.  

Course Location
This Certificate is offered largely online; however, students are encouraged to attend a two-day seminar in the Tampa Bay area at the end of the sequence.  If they are unable to travel to Tampa, program faculty will make every effort to arrange an alternative meeting time and place.

For Department Contact Information go to:

Special Notes

USF College of Public Health
13201 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.
Tampa FL 33612-3805
Toll Free 888-USF-COPH (press 1 for Student Advising)

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