College of Public Health Catalog 2013/2014

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Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology (Online Graduate Certificate)

This on-line Graduate Certificate in Maternal Child Health (MCH) Epidemiology is designed to combine training in maternal and child health epidemiologic concepts and methods with specialized training in analytic/data skills and a focus in one of a number of specific topic areas. Required coursework provides an overview of basic MCH epidemiologic concepts, methods, an elective in an analytic/statistical course, and the selection of a topic area within the field for more in depth training. The disease specialty areas consist of International MCH, Special Topics in Child Health, or Special Topics in Reproductive Epidemiology, of which one must be selected for the certificate. To provide additional training in commonly used analytic tools, the certificate requires the selection of one additional course in more advanced analytic methods or computing skills, either Epidemiologic methods I, Biostatistics II or Computer Applications for Public Health Researchers.

Course Requirements: Total program hours: 12 credit hours minimum.

Required courses (6 credits)

    • PHC 6591 – Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology (3)
    • PHC 6530 – Maternal and Child Health I (3)

One of the following analytic courses (3)

    • PHC 6051 Biostatistics II 
    • PHC 6701 Computer Applications for Public Health Research
    • PHC 6010 Epidemiology Methods I

                One of the following specialization courses (3)

    • PHC 6535 International MCH
    • PHC 6934 Special topics in Child Health
    • PHC 6934 Special topics in Reproductive Epidemiology

Admission requirements

  1. Applicants must hold an earned bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution with a minimum 3.0 GPA. 
  2. Prerequisite courses: PHC 6000 (Epidemiology) and PHC6010 (Biostatistics I).

Application process
Please visit to access the application. In addition, to the application forms please submit:

  1. Official transcripts
  2. Resume
  3. Letter of interest

Standardized tests

Application of Certificate Courses Towards Graduate Degree
Up to 12 credit hours may be applied contingent upon departmental approval.

Transfer Credit
Non-degree seeking students and transfer students may apply one course to a graduate certificate with department approval.

Registration process
First, consult with the certificate program advisor and obtain an electronic course permit if necessary. Then go to, the link to OASIS, USF's online registration system. Follow directions given online.

To access online course materials, students must have the USF NetID (e-mail account). Please visit: to obtain the NetID.

New students, including those studying online, may obtain the USFCard. Please visit: to obtain the USFCard.

Time Limit for Completion of Certificate
Two years. 

Tuition and fees
Standard graduate tuition rates and fees apply for graduate students who also pursue this graduate certificate and for non-degree graduate certificate students taking these courses on campus. Please visit for information on tuition and fees.

Department contact information
Jane Lundh at (813) 974-4529 or

New Student Advisor
Pre-Admission Counseling and Advising (813) 974-6505 or

Special Notes

  • This graduate certificate does not require that you submit GRE scores with your application
  • You may apply and/or enroll any semester as a certificate-seeking student
  • The College of Public Health website is
  • The College of Public Health graduate certificate website is
  • The College of Public Health toll-free number is 888-USF-COPH and press 1 for Student Advising

USF College of Public Health
13201 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.
Tampa FL 33612-3805
Toll Free 888-USF-COPH (press 1 for Student Advising

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