College of Public Health Catalog 2014/2015

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The concentrations offered in our department for the MPH and MSPH degrees are behavioral health, maternal and child health, maternal and child health epidemiology, public health education, as well as socio-health sciences. We also offer both the Ph.D. and the Dr.PH. degrees as well as several graduate certificate programs and dual degree programs. We even let you combine these studies with a Peace Corp experience. For more information on the department, please see the Community and Family Health Department Home Page.

 Programs Offered from the Department of Community and Family Health

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Program Title and Code
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Degree / Cert.Program


Maternal and Child Health (PMC)M.P.H.Traditional Format49View Check Sheet 
Public Health Education (PHN)M.P.H.Traditional Format48View Check Sheet 
Behavioral Health (BHH)M.P.H.Traditional Format46View Check Sheet 
Social Marketing (SOM)M.P.H. Online Format45 View Check Sheet 
Socio-Health Sciences (SHS)M.P.H.Traditional Format46View Check Sheet 
Epidemiology & Maternal and Child Health (EMC)M.P.H. Traditional Format70View Check Sheet 
Maternal and Child Health (PMH)M.S.P.H.Traditional Format44View Check Sheet 
Public Health Education (PPD)M.S.P.H.Traditional Format44View Check Sheet 
Behavioral Health (PBH)M.S.P.H.Traditional Format44View Check Sheet 
Socio-Health Sciences (PSH)M.S.P.H.Traditional Format44View Check Sheet 
Community & Family Health (CFH)PH.D.Traditional Format90View Check Sheet 
Dual Degree with AnthropologyM.P.H.-M.A. or PH.D.Traditional Format  With concentration: PMC, PHN, SHS
Dual Degree with AnthropologyPH.D.-M.A.Traditional Format   
Dual Degree with Social WorkM.P.H.-M.S.W.Traditional Format  With concentrations: PMC, BHH
Dual Degree with MedicineM.P.H.-M.D.Traditional Format  College-Wide 
Dual Degree with LawM.P.H.-J.D.Traditional Format  College-Wide 
Dual Degree with Physical TherapyM.P.H.-D.P.T.Traditional Format  College-Wide 
Peace Corps Master's InternationalM.P.H. or M.S.P.H.Traditional Format  Special Program Available in All M.P.H./M.S.P.H. Concentrations
Maternal & Child HealthCertificateTraditional Format15  
Social Marketing and Social ChangeCertificateOnline Format15  
Translational Research in Adolescent Behavioral Health  CertificateTraditional Format15  
Violence & Injury: Prevention & InterventionCertificateTraditional Format13  
Interdisciplinary Women's HealthCertificateTraditional Format15  





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